For many, mountain biking is a deeply spiritual pursuit. Whether because of the endorphins released from a sustained elevated heart rate, or the adrenaline that comes from leaving one’s comfort zone, or maybe simply the beauty of the surroundings, encounters with the sacred abound when on two wheels in the mountains.

In the Spirituality of Mountain Biking, Castlegar United Church brings an intentionality to combining spirituality and mountain biking. The 2 hours of pedalling are broken up with a series of contemplative practices that encourage noticing the divine.

When: August 17, 2018 meeting at 8am

Where: Meet at Castlegar United Church (809 Merry Creek Rd., Castlegar); ride will be at Red Mountain

Who: Anyone with the necessary equipment, skill, and ability to bike for 2-3 hours with frequent breaks. Under-18s need to be accompanied by a parent (for insurance purposes)

Why: You tell us!

What to bring: Lunch and $15 to cover insurance and gas (we’ll carpool from the church to Red Mountain)