Draft for Approval by Congregation April 2020

Lead Minister – Full-time, Solo

Position Summary:

We seek a Minister, or student intern, for an engaged and committed congregation of about 40 active members. Worship is a very important part of this church. The applicant should be able to provide inspirational, dynamic and engaging leadership to guide our faith journey, using not only the bible and Jesus’ teachings but other resources to challenge and stimulate us.

Autonomy in Decision-Making:

This position is accountable to the governing body of the local ministry unit, through the Ministry and Personnel Committee. It is also accountable to the Pacific Mountain Region for oversight and discipline.

This position has a relationship of support and collegiality with the members of their region.

Principal Areas of Responsibility and Associated Duties


Would attend all Board meetings, and coordinate activities with congregational committees and teams. Serves as ex-officio member of all committees and attends as appropriate. Provides leadership to other staff; helps to facilitate good staff relations. Works with Pacific Mountain Region to develop new spiritual education programs and events, including apily for grants. A paid administrative assistance (6 hour per week) prepares the bulletin, the overheads for the projector and the Church Chimes (weekly email of events) under direction of the Minister.

Community Outreach and Social Justice

Encourages and supports social justice and outreach programs. Ensures support for Mission and Service. Recognizes and responds to needs outside our congregation; strong grasp of global issues.

Continuing Education

Demonstrates active learning to remain current in theology, ministerial practice and local and world events. Sets personal and professional goals by independently seeking out and participating in continuing education and professional conferences.

Denomination and Communities

  • Works with Pacific Mountain Region to develop new spiritual education programs and events,
  • Collaborates in planning projects with Castlegar clergy,
  • Represents the United Church in the larger community.
  • Participates in ecumenical and multi-faith activities as possible.

Faith Formation and Christian Education

Serves as teacher, advisor and spiritual resource person for the congregation. Leads, facilitates and participates in adult study groups on Biblical/ theological themes. Provides leadership and involvement in inter-generational programs. Organizes and conducts confirmation and membership classes. Reviews and develops opportunities for alternative Christian Education events or retreats.


An interactive leader who builds relationships and strives for consensus. Encourages shared leadership, stretching our minds and keeping us focused. Provides vision and inspiration with visibly dynamic leadership. Works closely with the administrative assistant and choir director, delegating and sharing leadership appropriately

Pastoral Care

Mentors and supports a lay Pastoral Care Team which is currently in place. Encourages and facilitates a process to ensure pastoral care needs are met Visits members of the congregation – especially those in crisis, bereavement, or who are new to the neighbourhood. Visits members of the congregation to build relationships on an ongoing basis. Provides individuals and families with appropriate referrals for situations beyond the Minister’s skills and abilities.

The United Church of Canada Self-care Collaborates with M&P Committee to set and meet goals for ongoing self-care by maintaining a healthy balance of physical, emotional and spiritual activities, including rest, recreation and professional development.


Consults with the Worship Committee in worship preparation, including special services. Consults with music staff in selecting appropriate music for worship. Leads weekly Sunday worship. Celebrates the Sacraments. Encourages and supports lay leadership in worship. Conducts weddings and memorial/funeral services. Leads worship service once every six weeks at long term care facilities.

Required knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Skilful speaker, adept at using technology. Able to lead bible study. Ability to show leadership in difficult situations and encourage others to take action. Comfortable visiting members of the congregation re: pastoral care issues.

Other Preferred Assets

A demonstrated interest in community connection and social justice issues. Musical background an asset. Willingness to “pitch in” and help out at Church events, fund raising or social. Sense of Humour …. and an ability to walk on water!