Each Sunday at 10am we gather to sing, pray, learn, and be.

We wonder about life.

We wonder about love.

We wonder about God.

Each Sunday is a new journey. Join us.

We are called to celebrate God's presence
Communion elements

We celebrate the sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

We understand sacraments as visible signs of God's invisible love, which is available to all people. Therefore our Communion is an open table, to which each one is invited.

(We use grape juice instead of wine, and gluten-free crackers are available in place of bread.)

Our Sunday morning children's programming varies from week to week. The 4th Sunday of each month is a service for the 'child within', which is more conversation and interactive than traditional services (ie. expect children to be moving freely).

Most Sundays there is an organized exploration for the children, rooted in the teachings of Jesus.

New children are always welcome.

Our choir adds much beauty to our hymns and sings and anthem every other week. The choir rehearses on Wednesdays at 7pm.

New choristers are always welcome. Lori and Alicia, our music director and choir accompanist, work wonders with a range of abilities.