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Like a Hospital for the Soul

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What is “success” for a church? I’ve been mulling over this question for, well, my entire adult life. At the Kootenay Faith Fest in June of 2019, our keynote speaker, Carol Howard Merritt offered some ideas of what “success” looks … Read More

A Truly “Mighty” Man Shares Power

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Editor’s note: At the Mighty Men Conference hosted recently near Castlegar, the keynote speaker encouraged participants to espouse the late-ancient household code that includes wives “submitting” to husbands. Because the speaker had elsewhere voiced strong anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, a group protested … Read More

Annual Report 2018

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The report of our 2018 activities is hot off the press! Download it here (or download the high-resolution version for printing here). Many thanks to all who contributed to the life and work of our congregation, and to the report itself.

Spirituality of Mountain Biking

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“My church is the mountains” is a phrase I hear often. Sometimes I’m the one saying it. And I fully support taking the time to hike or bike or otherwise play outside to find spiritual connection. But sometimes the spirit … Read More

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