We lament that there are so many trans lives ended prematurely because of intolerance to their gender to warrant a Trans Day of Remembrance service. But we are honoured to have hosted the service for several years.

Our primary role regarding the November 20th Trans Day of Remembrance is to offer support to the Transgender Community with space and event assistance as needed, so our involvement varies from year to year. We also often also offer education events for the Cisgender Community towards becoming better allies to the Transgender Community, especially at this time of year, but throughout the year as well.

Please email admin@castlegarunited.ca if you are interested in organizing, participating in, or attending a Trans Day of Remembrance Service on November 20th, and we will facilitate and/or connect you as best we can.

We look forward to the day when transphobia ends; until then we will participate in this important gathering.

  • Contemplative or lively? Contemplative
  • Child-friendly? Yes, and note the contemplative focus
  • Cost? None