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As a pastoral charge (congregation) of the United Church of Canada, some of our governance direction comes from The Manual. Many of our policies and practices are established locally by members and adherents, often through the guidance of our local Board.

During Annual Congregational Meetings, all voting members decide

  • the budget for the year ahead,
  • Board members and representatives,
  • pastoral relations (the minister),
  • major property matters, and
  • some policies and other matters the Board deems warrant a congregational vote.

Most other decisions related to the ongoing operations of the church fall on the Board to decide. The Board decides how to implement the budget, whether to set or modify certain policies (eg. renting church space), and which proposals to bring to the annual congregational meeting.

How We Work as a Board

Our Board is comprised of

  • the Executive Committee,
  • elected or appointed committee members for the Trustees Committee, the Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P), and the Presbytery Rep position; and
  • volunteer committee representatives for the Welcoming Committee, the Learning and Growing Committee and the Outreach Committee.

The elected positions come to the Annual Congregational Meeting as nominations for a vote by the congregation as terms end (normally in February).

The Executive meets monthly September through June and the Board meets five times annually: April, June, September, November and January. Our Annual Congregational Meeting is held in February. Our fiscal year is Jan 1 – Dec 31.

Board Membership

Board Chair: Keith Merritt

Vice Chair: Irene Furey

Secretary: Julia Langille (one year term)

Treasurer: Gordon Swedburg

Minister: Greg Powell (Ex officio)

Trustees Committee (six trustees, each elected for five year terms): Larry Brown, Chair

Committee Chairs

Ministry and Personnel: Chris Foster

Faith Exploration: Sandra Foster

Food and Catering: Gordon Soukoreff

Welcoming:  Kim Matson

Worship: vacant

Outreach: Rosemary Manarin

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Minister

Past Annual Reports