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Resilience and Restoration – Our Podcast

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When the COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from gathering in person, we chose to offer a podcast instead of live-streaming our worship services. Consider this a primer in case you haven’t been able to access our podcast, Resilience & Restoration.

What’s a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show that is accessible on demand anywhere there is Internet. If you subscribe to a podcast through an app, each episode comes automatically to you. Once you’ve downloaded an episode (or allow your app to download it for you) you can take it with you on the go.

How do I subscribe?

First, choose a podcast client (app) that strikes your fancy. If you’re using an Apple device, Apple Podcasts is likely your best bet, and it is likely already installed. On a PC or Android device, there are many good options. I (Greg) use Castbox these days; Spotify is very popular; Spreaker is good too (we use it to host our show). Your app store will have several options.

Then, search for “Resilience and Restoration” or “Castlegar United Church” or some combination. Click on the correct result (look for the crocus with brick background). You’ll then have the option to “subscribe”. Your settings will determine how many episodes you want on your device at a given time, and so on.

How do I listen?

Catch your favourite podcast from anywhere. Image courtesy form PxHere

Think of it like a radio show, but available whenever you want it. Washing the dishes? Have a listen! Going for a walk? Bring your device in your pocket with a set of headphones and you’re off to the races! Lounging on the couch? Pump the show through your surround sound speakers!

How do I offer feedback?

So many ways! Call the church, email the church, email the special account set up for the show, or find us on social media.

How do I promote it?

Again, so many ways! Sharing through social media probably has the most reach, but the best way is actually to personally connect with someone, maybe by recommending a specific episode (“Hey Joe, I think you’ll appreciate the episode on…especially when they talk about …” You get the idea.)

You could click here to share Resilience & Restoration right now.

How does this fit in our tradition?

Our tradition is a collective one, intended for in-person gatherings. So in some ways, a podcast that really is intended for an individual listening experience seems inconsistent. But our hope is that this will encourage a connection with the sacred and a time of reflection, even when gathering in person isn’t feasible. If enough people share an individual listening experience, it then becomes a collective shared experience. (That’s why we encourage you to share it with others.)

2 Responses

  1. Fran
    | Reply

    Enjoyable, easy listening, with a deep unpredictable concept.
    It is a bit difficult to clearly predict the changes that will evolve out of this socialdistancing.

  2. Kim Matson
    | Reply

    I find it incredible that this pandemic can offer such a self learning tool. I find myself reflecting on which bricks I want to replace and which I want to leave out altogether. I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts!

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