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In-person worship suspended

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As of December 26, 2021, in-person attendance for worship services is temporarily suspended. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for Sunday Worship and other special services. This decision was made based on information provided by the Pacific Mountain Regional Council (PMRC) of the United Church of Canada and is not a result of any government regulation. In a letter, PMRC Executive Minister Treena Duncan shared:

“Dr David Keegan, a committed United Church member, Alberta doctor and professor at the University of Calgary, reached out to me to offer some wisdom and guidance for the church. He is calling on the United Church in Western Canada to be leaders in the fight against Omicron.

“He said, “I suggest that UCC has the opportunity to save many lives, prevent hospital admissions and long-term disability, and to focus on the social justice and life orientation of Jesus by switching to online services for Christmas/Christmas Eve. Let’s give the gift of life this Christmas.”

“Dr Keegan goes on to say:

  • “For anyone unvaccinated or partially vaccinated (or even for some who have two shots), Omicron is a severe threat to life and health, just like the previous variants.
  • Omicron spreads incredibly rapidly, even with measures such as those in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
  • Omicron (and all COVID) is airborne, which has been known for over a year, but which many governments have been loathe to acknowledge.
  • Omicron’s doubling time is moving at a record pace.”

Even with our new policy at Castlegar United Church requiring proof of vaccination for in-person attendance, the Church Board decided that the safest course of action would be to temporarily suspend in-person attendance until such a time as the infection rates slow down.

If you feel a deep spiritual need to attend in person and are finding online attendance not life-giving for you, please contact Rev. Robin. A small number of people are still needed for online production, including both technology help (YouTube and Projection operators), as well as a few people to simply provide congregational voices for the responsive readings and hymn singing.

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