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Spirituality of Mountain Biking

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“My church is the mountains” is a phrase I hear often. Sometimes I’m the one saying it. And I fully support taking the time to hike or bike or otherwise play outside to find spiritual connection.

But sometimes the spirit is lost. Sometimes outdoor adventure becomes a logistical ordeal; sometimes it becomes mere competition; sometimes we forget to dwell in awe — even if just for a moment — despite our incredible surroundings. Noticing the Spirit takes intention.

And so we’re putting the spiritual intention into mountain biking. We’ll take the time to soak up the beauty around us. We’ll take the time to notice our breathing. We’ll take the time to notice our hearts pumping the vitality of life throughout our bodies. We’ll even take time to admire the human ingenuity to allows us to be there.

If you’d like to join us, here’s a registration link. We’d love to notice your spirit there.


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