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Christmas Newsletter

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Advent Message from Rev. Greg

The afternoon light fades into nighttime sky awfully early at this time of year. For some this means more isolation and separation. For others, this means time to cozy up under a blanket, maybe with a great book or movie, maybe even with a loved one. I’ve learned we have a choice to embrace winter or resist it, but the latter never works out in our favour. I’ve come to know the Danes use the term “hygge” to describe the concept of accepting winter’s invitation to get cozy.
Advent is simultaneously about dwelling with the darkness, and finding equanimity therein. It’s about facing our fears, and turning them into opportunities. Joy isn’t a natural part of the human reaction to December darkness, but Advent invites us to find joy — and hope, peace, and love — anyway. God is always with us; and yet we wait for God’s coming again.
So may we find joy in the darkness; may we accept winter’s invitation to get cozy; and may we wait patiently but actively for a God who is already here, and also is still to arrive.

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